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Balloon Boy "Did This For A Show", Angered Kanye


I was busy yesterday afternoon and missed the entire Balloon Boy episode.  You've heard it all by now.  Six-year-old Falcon Heene from Fort Collins, Colorado was thought to be travelling in a home-made helium balloon resembling a UFO.  There was a lot of media attention, a big search and little Falcon was eventually found hiding in a cardboard box in his parent's attic over the garage.

The parents have been revealed as possible media whores.  They've been on a reality show, they chase storms and the dad submits content to CNN in which he claims there's life on mars. This has led many to suggest this whole episode was a hoax and a ploy to give Falcon's parents more TV time.  The hoax believers, and I'm one of them, will often refer to when Falcon and his family were being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer on Larry King Live.  He asked Falcon "Why did you not come out of the garage?" After his parents repeated the question, Falcon responded by saying "You guys said that, um [pause] we did this for the show".

I'm just sorry I missed this all in real-time when the memes were littering Twitter and the blogosphere.  Hoax or not, the balloon boy gave us this:


And for that I'll forever be grateful.

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