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Put a Fork in this Jays Season, Please


This Blue Jays season was a tale of two polar opposite emotions.  The swing was so severe, I haven't been able to write about this team in quite some time.  This will most likely be my last entry about the Jays this season.

There was a point in May when I was literally giddy with the early season success of our ball club.  We had the best winning percentage in the majors and there was a vibe this town hadn't felt since '93.  Jays games on the telly became appointment viewing for me, I wanted to see every pitch live.  Our Jays, I was sure, would be this year's Rays.

We all know what happened next.  A couple of big bats disappeared, our stellar 3rd baseman wanted out of town, my favourite starting pitcher was the subject of numerous trade rumours and Rios was literally given away.  When the dust settled, we were a distant 4th place in the AL East.

On Wednesday night, an announced crowd of 11,159 took in the third game of a four game series with the Minnesota Twins at the Rogers Centre.  That's right, 11,159.  I'll give you a moment to absorb that lowly number.  There has never been that few bodies taking in a Jays game at the stadium formerly known as SkyDome.  In my opinion, following a start that had this city buzzing, there has never been such total apathy toward our ball club.

I planned to share several retro Jays songs this summer, but passed because I wasn't feeling it.  A die-hard fan who followed every pitch from 1983 through 1993, I stopped watching completely.  It all seems so hopeless and even the future looks grim.  No reasonable person can see us making the playoffs any time soon while buried in the powerful AL East.

I just want to put a fork in this 2009 season.  It's done.  I'm done.  It's been all downhill since this glorious moment.

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