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It is Over! Paul Romanuk's Most Memorable Call


I remember Paul Romanuk calling international hockey games in the 90s and his signature call "It.. is Over!"  I've used that call several times in the past year alone, but I'm a sucker for memorable sports calls.

Paul Romanuk is also a regular reader of this blog.  I received a nice note from him and I promised to plug his blog.  He's living in England now but he keeps tabs on the homeland by reading the sludge posted here.

Go to and click "blog" at the top.  I'd link straight to the blog, but Paul thinks it's 1997 and is using frames.

Here is where I'd insert the audio or video of Paul Romanuk declaring "It is Over!" but he doesn't have it and I can't find it anywhere on line.  If you've got it, and I'm looking at you Down Goes Brown, hook me up and I'll share it.

As for this entry, it is over!

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