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Fearless Fred On His Way to Edge 102

Back in May, when CFNY / Edge 102 showed Martin Streek and Barry Taylor the door, I reported that Fearless Fred from The Bear in Edmonton had been hired as a replacement.

The Twittersphere has exploded the past 24 hours with news Fearless Fred has aired his last show on The Bear and is now on his way to the centre of the universe.

fearless fred

I kid, of course.  About the explosion of Fearless Fred chatter in the Twittersphere, not about him leaving his Edmonton gig for a spot at CFNY / Edge 102.  Three tweets does not a trending topic make.

There's still no official announcement from CFNY / Edge 102 that Fearless Fred is on his way or where he'll appear in the lineup.  My hunch is they'll move Bookie and put Fearless Fred in the afternoon drive spot.  Fearless Fred is far more Dean Blundell Show-ish than Bookie and more in line with the kind of radio Program Director Ross Winters seems to crave for this Corus-owned station.

How many final nails in the coffin does one station get?

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