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CFNY's Catch Us If You Can Contest and No Repeat Workdays


In the Globe's Ballad of Martin Streek, Program Director Ross Winters claimed CFNY's limit for song repetition was now 7 times in 24 hours.  I actually believe that limit to be much higher.  In January, during one 12-hour random spot check, a song had already been played 6 times.

CFNY used to be known for its wide playlist and rarely playing the same track in the same day.  In fact, I've got the old station promos to prove it.

Here's their "Catch Us If You Can" contest that promises $102 to anyone who catches CFNY playing the same song twice in one day.

Here's a promo for CFNY's No-Repeat Workday.  Dan Duran will tell you that you could win $5000 if you catch them playing any song twice between 9 and 5.

Things are rather different at 102.1 these days.  I repeat, things are rather different at 102.1 these days.

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