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Camping With Fresh Roots Gear Provided by Canadian Tire

I'm camping this week.  Not quite yet, because I want to play a Raging Storm playoff game before leaving town, but the kids and I will be away from it all before you know it.  I'm officially in prep mode.

I want to thank the very cool people at Canadian Tire for providing me with a new tent, new sleeping bags, a new chair, a new cooler and a sweet new inflatable air mattress.  I can't wait to try out the new gear.  It's all from the Roots Outdoor line, except for the cooler.  And, it's all an upgrade.  I'll report back on how it all worked out.

Let's see...

  • tent   √
  • air mattress   √
  • propane stove   √
  • sleeping bags   √
  • cooler full of food and drink
  • insect repellant   √
  • sunscreen   √
  • bathing suit   √
  • radio   √
  • camera   √
  • toiletries   √

Only one item left on the list...

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