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When OJ Boy Attacks


On a Saturday morning in June, before heading off to Edgefest, I pondered a simple question aloud.  Should I ban OJ Boy?.  As I wrote that morning, I had grown tired of the constant stench of humourless misery and holier-than-thou judgement.

Throughout the day you left comments. Eventually, at about 3:45pm, OJ Boy himself chimed in.

Such a terrible person I am, especially on the Kleenex and Wal-Mart matters... how dare I have responsible educated opinions!!!
I don't think I qualify as a "troll" because I sign my name to write I write... and to Stafford and anyone else that wants a charity boxing match with me, let's hook it up... but I should warn you that my winnings will be going to Greenpeace and habitat for Humanity... and I know that will drive you fascist jerks mad!!!
By the way, Shane whatshisface will be unable to prove that I have visited his site more than a few times in my life, if you can prove I have, go ahead. Do it up, show the proof, Mr. "I could use the hits". You could use a lot more than just blog hits. How about a job?
No need to ban me though Mike as I'm through with your ass kissing soccer dad-eque Edge-inhaling paint-by-numbers lifestyle fodder anyway.
On a final note, what makes you think I would know whether or not Fred was updating his blog? I have better things to do than worry about either of you let alone write a whole post about you.
Signing off...

I almost renamed this blog "Ass Kissing Soccer Dad-esque Edge-inhaling Paint-by-numbers Lifestyle Fodder" after that one.  At some point, that quote will make it into the header.  I love that damn comment.

I never did ban OJ Boy.  He essentially banned himself, and for over a month, this blog was OJ Boy-free in the comments.  Somehow, I persevered.

A few days ago, however, OJ Boy left a comment on this entry about the Globe article on CFNY. He modified his signature a little, and entered a different Hotmail address than usual, but one glance and I knew it was him.  It was drenched in that foul stench.

Toronto Mike said, "determining CFNY's playlist is simply too important to be left to the masses."
Feel free to stop contradicting yourself over and over at any time.

I called OJ Boy out, and moments ago he left another comment, this time with his regular old signature and Hotmail address.

Hey Wonderbread,
You're actually full of contradictions, like the one above. When I stopped posting, you said you doubted I'd come back. Now that I dropped one comment, you say you figured I couldn't stay away.
Also, I wasn't hiding. If I'd wanted to hide, I would easily obtain an alternate I.P.
The only reason I did come back was to read other people's comments and memories about Martin Streek, not yours. We all know you'll defend The Edge to the death.
For the record that's at least 2 contraditions. Nice try though.

Now I'm left with another question to ponder.  "Ass Kissing Soccer Dad-esque Edge-inhaling Paint-by-numbers Lifestyle Fodder" or "Wonderbread"?  I think I'll stick with "Ass Kissing Soccer Dad-esque Edge-inhaling Paint-by-numbers Lifestyle Fodder".

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