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Understanding the UFC 100


I can't help but feel as if I'm missing the point of Mixed Martial Arts.  I love sports in general, I loved the WWF as a youngster in the 80s and I still enjoy a good boxing match.  Still, I don't get the phenomenon known as UFC.  I can't seem to get into Mixed Martial Arts, even with all the recent hype surrounding it.

The recent hype was around UFC 100.  A number of people I follow on Twitter were super excited about this event.  Canadians get particularly excited about Georges St. Pierre, a Quebec native and UFC Welterweight Champion.  GSP, as he's better known, is even sponsored by  Gatorade.  When Gatorade is knocking on your door, you're mainstream.

But still, with all this hype and so many singing the praises of UFC, I'm left with no interest.  I watched a few GSP matches online and still didn't care.  Was boxing not brutal enough?  Were we in need of a WWF-like sport without a script?

I understand the MMA fan base is a passionate bunch and extremely loyal to the UFC. I expect them to chastise me for missing out.  I'm curious what the rest of you think.  Have I not given MMA a fair shot or is it simply a fringe sport for the blood thirsty?

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