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TFC Beat Impact, Italian Swear Banned by Security


I attended the TFC match last night at BMO Field against the Montreal Impact.  Everything I wrote after my first TFC game remains true.  There's really no other Toronto sporting event that's comparable to the ritualistic, fan-driven enthusiasm I've seen at BMO Field.  It's 90 minutes of chanting, singing, cheering, flag waving and streamer throwing.

Fans spend a great deal of time creating and building these giant flags.  One of my favourites last night was a mock-up of a Quebec license plate reading USL 4 EVR.  You can see a shot from behind here. The USL is the league Montreal plays in, and there were mocking cheers all night long.

I was also impressed with the time it must have taken to create the largest banner I've ever seen at a sporting event.  I still don't know what this banner said, because I was beneath it.  The paint fumes were intense and the view lousy, but I was just happy to be a part of the process.  here's my shot from beneath The Banner of the Century.


And finally, there were the guys behind Elvis and I in the Supporters Section who raised their banner only to be told by security to remove it or else.  Apparently, "merda" means something profane in Italian...

Montreal Merda

Here's the rest of my photos from last night's 1-0 TFC victory.  Thanks, Elvis!

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