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Martin Streek Out At Edge 102.1 / CFNY


I listened to CFNY (Edge 102) throughout the 90s.  It was my favourite radio station, not just for the tunes but for the personalities.  I can't remember a time at 102 before Martin Streek.

Martin Streek always seemed to be there, hosting the Thursday 30 and live-to-air broadcasts from various Toronto clubs.  Now I've learnt from @scroll on Twitter that he's been fired.

The first thing I did when I heard the news was visit his profile page on  It's been removed.  Here's the cached version from Google.


I then shot over to the Wikipedia write-up about Streek, and there's no word there on the firing.  Here's what I did find:

Martin Streek is another of the three remaining personalities from the "Spirit of Radio" era. He currently hosts the Thursday 30, a four hour long show that counts down the top 30 songs of the past week (collected via record sales and listener voting), as well as introduces new music (a segment called the "Groundbreakers"), and flashes back to a previous year's countdown, as Streek recalls the top five songs of that week in a certain previous year.
Streek also hosts two live-to-air broadcasts from nightclubs: Saturday nights at the Phoenix and Sunday nights at Velvet Underground, both in downtown Toronto. Both shows run from 9:00 PM until 2:00 AM, and are broadcast without interruption (i.e., commercial-free), except for live ads imploring people to visit the club, after about 10:00 p.m.. Martin is also a huge fan of Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Depeche Mode and The Clash.
Martin has been voted DJ of the year a few times in Now Magazine's year-end public ballot.
Just recently he had to have his appendix removed surgically; he has recovered and is doing well.

Martin Streek, if you're out there, let us know where you're at.  You've been a familiar voice over Toronto airwaves for about 20 years and you'll be missed.

Update: I see another name missing from the personalities line-up.  Barry Taylor is also missing and his page at has been removed.  Can someone shed some light on the disappearance of Barry Taylor and lifelong CFNYer Martin Streek?

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