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A TFC Newbie Figures Out This Multiple Trophy Thing


I mentioned Elvis is taking me to the TFC match next week.  This match is part of the Nutrilite Canadian Championship, otherwise known as the Voyageur’s Cup.  As an NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA, CFL guy, I'm used to there being a single trophy presented to the winner of the playoffs.  Apparently soccer is quite different.

Elvis did me a favour and broke down this multiple trophy thing for me.  He did a great job so I recommend all TFC newbies click through for the 411.  He explains that there's the Supporter’s Shield, MLS Cup, Trillium Cup, Voyageur’s Cup, Superliga, Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup.  Wow.

There sure are a lot of trophies in soccer.  If at first you don't succeed, wait a couple of weeks and win another one.

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