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I have one of those jobs that didn't exist when I was in high school.  I'm an eMarketing Manager.  You take search marketing expertise, add a dose of HTML / CSS / PHP / Photoshop / Movable Type geekery, throw in mad webmaster skills and polish it all off with that shiny U of T English Major Honours B.A. that proves you can write your way out of any jam.

That first part, the search marketing part, is constantly changing.  I use this very site to keep my good eye on Google's algorithm ensuring I don't miss an SEO beat, and I'm always learning more about PPC and the latest social media tools, like Digg, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  That's why I always try to make it to SES Toronto.

This year it's June 8-10 and I'm getting an opportunity to do do a Q&A with the speaker of my choice.  I'll blog about the show and share some of the tips, tactics and strategies here.

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