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Work Your Way Through the Recession


I took an economics class in high school, but all I remember from that course is the relationship between supply and demand.  When it comes to personal finances, I let my wife handle it.  I have many passions, but the economy and money don't make the list.

I do, however, read the news on a daily basis, and it seems news about the economy goes from bad to worse with every read.  It's all doom and gloom, with predictions it will get worse before it gets better and that this will be the longest recession since WWII.

My one and only strategy for dealing with this recession is to work.  I'm going to do my best to work my way through this recession.  I'm working harder and smarter than ever before, developing new skills and improving old ones.

I'm no economist, but this appears to be the best strategy and it's the only one I really know how to implement.  Work, work, work, work... until it's over and we're all living high on the hog once more.

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