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The Day Martin Gerber Broke My Heart


In a baffling move, Brian Burke picked up Martin Gerber earlier today.  I'll never forget the name Martin Gerber.  On February 18, 2006, he sent me to Swiss Chalet.

I don't know what to say...
In 1924, we beat the Swiss 33-0 in the Olympics.  This, my friends, is a long way from 1924.  Today, we hit a hot goaltender Martin Gerber who stood on his head and made 49 saves on 49 shots from Team Canada. What should have been a fairly easy win became a most difficult game to watch as our guys failed to deliver and one of our former guys, Paul DiPietro, potted two for the wrong team.  As tough as this was to digest, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that it wasn't an elimination game.  We've had our taste of defeat, let's hope we heed this dire warning and take out our frustrations on Finland tomorrow afternoon.
Where did I go in disgust after watching our boys get humiliated by the Swiss?  Swiss Chalet, naturally.  The only way to eliminate a bad Swiss taste in your mouth is to supplant it with a good one.

Martin F**king Gerber.

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