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This morning, I blew up this website. I run this site with Movable Type, so all the entries, pages, comments, categories, etc. reside in a MySQL database.  That gives me a lot of flexibility when it comes to site redesigns.  Once I write the new CSS and XHTML, I just have to paste them into the right templates and publish the site.

If you hate the changes, blame Twitter.  My old design was from the pre-Twitter era when I needed one column for navigation and Adsense and another for content.  Now, as I Tweet more and more, I needed a third column for my most recent Tweets.  That's the spark that set this site ablaze.

While I was mucking around, I finally fixed my pagination issue.  The pagination within categories now displays 10 at a time and actually adds up.  I also killed the ad at the top of the category pages, because I thought it looked awful.

I also got rid of the popular header status message feature, because I don't have time to create a new image every day.  Throw in a new favicon and a few other tweaks, and it's all new.  Whether it's all good or not, that's yet to be seen.

Please share constructive criticism below.  I'd love to see some change requests.  Whattyathink?

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