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CPU Usage 100%


My  work issued laptop, a.k.a. The One Running Windows, is having a CPU usage issue.

While I work, the CPU usage climbs until it can't climb no more.  It then sticks around 100%, making it very difficult to work.  Try working without any spare CPU... it's very little fun.

Naturally, I've been trouble-shooting this sunofabitch like crazy. At first I blamed my beloved Firefox, but a switch to Chrome didn't help matters.  Then, I thought it might be Songbird, but a move to iTunes spelled no relief.  Eventually, I detected a correlation between the use of my mouse and spikes in CPU.  Not just the external mouse though, but also the touch pad.

After troubleshooting this damn mouse - CPU thing for a few hours, I remembered it's not my laptop.  I don't own it, I just use it.  So, I did what I should have done long ago.

I'm getting a new laptop.  Here's what I've been seeing all day...

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