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Mary Barrie, Andy Barrie's Wife, Passes


On November 6, Andy Barrie took an indefinite leave of absence from his duties as host of Metro Morning on CBC Radio One.  I heard his sign-off as he told us there were serious health issues in his family right now and he needed to leave his post in order to offer his full support there.

Last month, I wrote about how fiercely the CBC was protecting Andy's privacy, as they never referred to Andy's three month absence nor did they acknowledge he would one day return to the airwaves.  I asked Andy if he was okay, and he replied.

I'm really touched that so many people are concerned. Let me reassure anyone who's worried about my welfare that I'm alright and that there's no wish on either the CBC's or my part to be mysterious. It's just as I said when I went on leave- I'm needed by my family. I might be a public person, but they're not. The CBC's been wonderfully supportive throughout all this. I miss my work, but not as much as I'd be missed at home if I weren't able to be here.
All the best to all...

Sadly, we now know why Andy has been on leave.  His wife, Mary Barrie, has died of cancer.

TORONTO — Mary Barrie, the wife of popular CBC Radio host Andy Barrie, has died following a battle with cancer.
Barrie, the host of Metro Morning on CBC Toronto for some 12 years, had left the program last November to be with his ailing wife. She died Wednesday after recently retiring as director of the School of Continuing Studies at the University of Toronto.
Prior to that, she worked at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto as the director of education and human resources planning.
A statement today on Metro Morning said the couple were married for almost 40 years and have one daughter.
The couple lived on a farm north of Toronto and it was there she spent the last few months of her life.

She sounds like she herself was an extraordinary lady.  My condolences to Andy and his family on their loss.

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