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David Shoalts Misses the Point

David Shoalts

I wrote about following Brian Burke on Twitter about a month ago.  It was clearly a parody account and not the real Brian Burke, and it was pretty damn funny.

It seems David Shoalts of the Globe and Mail has picked up on the story.

Someone signed up with Twitter under Burke's name and posted a number of remarks insulting to other people in the hockey world. Burke said in an e-mail message on Sunday night that he had nothing to do with the messages and the Leafs have issued a complaint to Twitter about the imposter.

Clearly, Shoalts has missed the point.  It's called satire, and it's victim-less.  It sounds like Burke himself has lost his sense of humour as well, as MLSE has complained to Twitter about the imposter.

I hope the fake Brian Burke keeps tweeting as he's far more interested than the real Brian Burke.  Speaking of the real Brian Burke, doesn't he have a house to clean?

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