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Third Time's a Charm for Songbird


I used to swear by Winamp for playing my MP3s.  For years and years I thought people were crazy for not using Winamp, then something happened with Winamp's development that had me looking for an alternative player.  I flirted with the Quintessential Player for a while, and eventually ended up with iTunes.

Songbird is an open-source media player built on the same platform as my beloved Firefox.  I've actually tried it twice before, when it was a proof of concept and Songbird 0.2.  Now that they've released Songbird 1.0.0, I had to give it a third try.

It's so much better now.  It's fast, stable and far more fun than iTunes.  Like Firefox, there are add-ons that enhance the experience.  For example, there is an add-on called mashTape that gives me band info, a discography, videos and more for each artists I play.  I also use the side panel for song lyrics, and another add-on that tells me when an artist in my collection is coming to Toronto.

This is the open source iTunes killer I've been waiting for.  It's finally ready for prime time.

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