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Michelle's Webkinz Hell


If you've got a younger child at home, you've probably heard of Webkinz.  For the unaware, a Webkinz is a plush toy pet you register online.  Then, in a very safe web environment, your child plays with the pet and does all sorts of neat things.

My son has adopted a few pets over the years, but my daughter just got her first, a cute little golden puppy.  I just helped her sign up online and we were both disappointed to learn that my daughter's first name is not allowed in the world of Webkinz.  Webkinz will not allow my daughter to be named Michelle.

I'm guessing, in an effort to keep this space ultra clean, Webkinz has a long list of banned words that are disallowed.  I'll bet "hell" is one of those words, and Michelle does contain the world hell.  You'd think, though, that they would also white list a few exceptions, including the very common first name Michelle.

Unfortunately, no such white list exists, and Michelle can't be Michelle in the world of Webkinz.  Below is the rejection notice my daughter received when she was trying to be herself.

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