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The Devil's Tools


Idle hands are the devil's tools.  Whenever I find myself with a little free time, I get overwhelmed with an urge to blow-up and recreate this site.  Not the content, but the layout and design.

I just completely re-wrote the xhtml and css and realized I actually like the current layout and code.  I'm just bored of it.  That's when I got my header idea...

I've got a masthead header image on the top of every page of this site.  For the past year it looked like this:


Now, it's more malleable.  I'm going to change the image and bi-line frequently, with whatever pops in my head.  For example, new visitors would be surprised to learn that I haven't yet seen The Dark Knight.  It's a fact.


Speaking of movies, if you had to choose between Slumdog Millionaire and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which would you see?

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