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Man Up! Canada


I spent the afternoon watching the taping of Man Up! Canada, a new reality-style game show for guys.  It's hosted by Humble Howard Glassman and will eventually air on SUN TV and MenTV.

My brother and I were there for about 2.5 hours watching it all come together and appearing in several audience shots. There was a competition where the guys catch goldfish in a pool, slice open a different fish and eat yet another fish without using their hands.  That sucker was called Survivor Etobicoke.

The next bit involved some trivia and a dunk tank and the final bit was called Pudding Licker.  That's all I'm at liberty to say about that one.

It was fun and I met some neat peeps.  Will Man Up! Canada be the next Amazing Race?  Only time will tell.

Here are pix from the photoset.

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