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Don't Feed the Trolls, Shoot 'Em!


I don't know a whole lot about Welland, Ontario.  I know it's home to the Welland Canal and it's in the Niagara region, but that's about it.

There's someone in Welland who hates Humble and Fred.  He (or she, but I'd bet a million dollars it's a he) frequently leaves offensive comments in which he belittles the two.  On more than one occasion, Welland Guy crossed the line.  When Welland Guy crosses the line on Humble's blog or Fred's blog, I ban his IP address and he disappears for a while until he gets a new one.

Welland Guy is a troll.  They're out there in the blogosphere and they just want to offend and stir the shit.  When Welland Guy made an obscene comment about Humble's daughters, I decided that I'd block every IP address he comments from, no matter what.  I've been doing that on Humble's blog and on Fred's blog for the past year or so, but I've never seen him comment on my blog.

Today, that changed.  Welland Guy left two comment on this entry about my interview with Humble Howard.  I didn't even have to check the IP address, I knew the writing style of Welland Guy right away.  Sure enough, I was right.

I'll block every IP address in the city of Welland if I have to.  Sometimes, it's not enough to simply not feed the trolls.  Sometimes ya gotta shoot 'em.

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