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As a kid, there was nothing better than a trip to Consumers Distributing.  Consumers Distributing was a chain of stores where you would order via catalogue.  The catalogue would arrive at our home and I would go through it, circling the items I wanted.  Then, when my birthday came, we'd go to the nearest location and pick up the item.

If my memory serves me correctly, that location was on Dundas Street between Jane and Runnymede.  You'd complete a little form indicating the items you wanted and you'd hand it in at the counter.  Then, you'd wait a few minutes for your item to roll out on a conveyor belt like the ones you find at The Beer Store.

I remember getting a Citizen brand mini-stereo from Consumers Distributing in the mid-80s.  It had a dual cassette deck, AM-FM radio and a record player on top.  That's right, I used to buy vinyl records.  I'm that old.

It's too bad Consumers Distributing bit the dust some years back.  Does anyone else remember catalogue shopping with Consumers?

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