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Test Driving a Ford Focus with Sync Technology


Someone from the Social Media Group contacted me last week and asked if Toronto Mike would test drive a Ford Focus and write about the experience.  I've got some road trips coming up, and I thought it might be a good idea to drive a new Ford Focus instead of my 200,000km clunker.  To sweeten the pot, they started telling me about Sync.

I'm not really a gear head, so I had to Google Sync.  It's a voice-activated mobile phone and digital music system for your car.  I have a phone!  I have a shiny new iPod!  I'll drive a Ford Focus for a week!

It's official.  I'll be test driving a new Ford Focus with Sync technology for ten days in August.  The Ford people are going to give me a personalized Sync demo in Oakville so I can surround myself in hands-free digital tunes when I hit the road.

I'll update you next month after my Sync demo.

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