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Questioning the One Bottle Policy


Earlier today I wrote about Edgefest taking place this Saturday at Downsview Park.  I wondered aloud about the water policy.  I've been at outdoor concerts where they've made me remove the cap of my bottled water upon entrance and I've been at other shows where the water was disallowed altogether.

From the official Downsview Park web site, here is the allowable water rule for this Saturday.  "One (1) sealed plastic bottle of water."  We've got the spelled out "one" and the numerical 1 so there's no confusion.  They're letting us bring a single bottle of water in with us.

The first band I'm interested in seeing hits the stage at 12:30pm.  I suspect Linkin Park will wrap up close to midnight.  That means we're exposed in this large field on a hot July day for almost 12 hours.  One bottle of water for a 12 hour show doesn't cut the mustard.

Is this merely a ploy to sell overpriced bottles of water on the inside?  Is there really a safety concern or is that a convenient excuse?  Is this ethical?

I'd like to close with an elaboration on that final point.  On a hot July day with the sun beaming down, thousands of young men and women (and older dudes like me) will collect in the fields of Downsview Park to hear live music.  We've each paid close to a hundred dollars for the pleasure, and staying hydrated will be the key health concern.  Capping the carry-in water allotment at a single bottle is irresponsible, dangerous and a prime example of corporate gouging.

Don't nickel and dime us when it comes to drinking water.

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