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2008 Terry Fox Run - Donate Now!


When I got home tonight I had a package waiting for me from Martha McClew, Ontario Provincial Director of The Terry Fox Foundation.  In addition to a nice letter thanking me for my contribution last year, there was a DVD with a great Terry Fox documentary and other inspiring stories.

My son loves the Terry Fox story.  As he just told me, we can finish Terry's Marathon of Hope for him.  As I type this, James is watching the Terry Fox documentary and he's mesmerized.  He's always loved Terry Fox.

This is precisely why I once called Terry Fox the greatest Canadian.  I can't think of a more inspirational story.  I just have to think about Terry's pledge and everything falls into perspective.

I haven't been able to run since November, but I'll make sure I complete The 2008 Terry Fox Run on Sunday, September 14, 2008.  Click below and be the first to sponsor my run.

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