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Saying No to the May 2-4 Camping Trip


I love to camp.  When people talk about vacationing and getting away from it all, they speak of resorts and five-star hotels and casinos and I cringe.  I far, far prefer the idea of pitching a tent and roughing it in nature as a fun escape from it all.

Many tent campers consider the May 2-4 long weekend (also knows as Victoria Day in some circles) as the ideal time for the inaugural camping trip of the year.  In my experience, it's far too often cool and wet and it's far wiser to wait a month before packing up the sleeping bag.

Tonight, for example, it's 9° and rainy.  Tomorrow it's more rain, and Monday, although sunny, has a low of 6°.  It's too early.

Just say no to the May 2-4 camping trip... unless you've got a cabin or cottage.

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