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I Hate Myself For Watching American Idol


I wish a didn't watch American Idol. I've managed to completly avoid such craptacular game shows as Dancing With the Stars, Don't Forget the Lyrics and America's Next Top Model, but I've always been strangely drawn to American Idol.  It would be easy to say I just watch it with the wife and kids, but I'd watch without them.

I've actually followed every season of this show.  I know, I know... I want to be the guy who walks away from it all, the guy who tires of holding his nose.  I hate myself for watching American Idol.

The finale starts in 34 minutes and you know I'll be watching.  I've picked David Cook to win pretty much from the start.  If he's beat by that Archuleta kid, I'm through... until season 8, at least.

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