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Alpha-Getti Ad Kid Spills Deets About Gobbler


Yesterday, I shared the elusive Alpha-Getti ad featuring the Alpha-Getti Gobbler.  Ryan Barnett was the boy at the table who didn't say "You're the Alpha-Getti Gobbler!".  Yesterday, he was kind enough to share details about the shoot and his memories of the ad.

While taking a break from work I wondered if any of my old  commercials I did ever made it on You tube.  To name a few, McDonalds  (Starring Lanny McDonald), a Movie with David Copperfield, Mr. Clean,  Rice Krispies, Boots Drug Stores (Remember these stores?) and of course  Alpha Getti.  I typed alphagetti gobbler commercial into google and was  stunned by the numerous people talking about this ad on blogs and chat  rooms and was stunned that there were no pictures or copies of the  commercial lying around.  This is when I stumbled onto your blog and  read through all the commentary regarding your post and was shocked by  how many people remembered this commercial
It  felt kind of crazy to me that people actually remembered this ad, it  was definitely a good one but it was soooo long ago!  I remember that  this ad ran on Canada tv for about 5 years and people loved the famous  line "Your the alpha getti gobbler".  I'm definitely not a big shot  movie star, espescially now because I'm a Chartered Accountant at 30  years old.  But I can't lie, it feels pretty damn cool!
My  commercial career ended in my childhood days when I lost my baby teeth  and they told me that without a smile I was out of a job.  I guess  that's how the commercial life goes.  I can't complain though, all my  commercials from my younger days paid fully and completely for my  University education.
I don't remember  anything about the kid who said the famous line but the commercial was  filmed in downtown Toronto and it was a local casting so I'm thinking  the kid with the famous line was also from Ontario but I could be wrong.
I remember doing the ad with that  big yellow "gobbler".  Technology was not very updated back then and I  remember that someone had to get into the suit but parts of the suits  were mechanic and moved with remote control.  But for the record, it  wasn't all a machine there was definitely a person inside that  creature.  I also remember a bunch of the kids in the ad were  frightened by this big device they didn't know what to expect from it  and getting everyone to concentrate on the ad was a task.
I'm  really glad I stumbled on your blog and now hopefully the empty void of  people not being able to remember the good old commercials in today's  world filled with such crappy commercials can be filled.
Anyways...  I hope by me stumbling on this blog allows many people can relive the  good old days and enjoy one of the great commercials of the past.

If you haven't seen the ad yet, it's right here waiting for you.  Thanks Ryan, for sharing the video with me and for giving us further details about this commercial.

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