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Top 10 Reasons Booner Isn't Perfect by Mike Hoo


I'm a biomechanical mess.  Although the heart and mind is strong, the body won't cooperate.  I haven't been able to run longer than 3km since pulling up lame last November.  All the gory details are right here.

Mike Hoo, or The Hooster as he's better known, is an RMT (registered massage therapist) and ART (active release technique) certified in lower extremity.  I've seen him twice this week and he's got a laundry list of complaints about my biomechanics and flexibility.  I like The Hooster because he's brutally honest.  I ran with him quite a bit last summer so he doesn't feel compelled to sugar coat anything.  Sometimes I wish he would.

I asked Mike Hoo to put together a top ten list of things that are wrong with me.  He was more than happy to do this.  As you'll see, it's a miracle I was able to complete 10km races last year, play on a championship winning slo-pitch and dodgeball team while living a normal active live chasing after two young kids.  I'm a mess!

so here you go as requested.....drum roll please.......
10) weak gluteus medius, aka glute med
9) ridiculously tight hamstrings, normal range is 79-90.  you've got 40 maybe 45.
8) fascial restrictions in hamstrings
7) tight hip flexors. mostly iliopsoas and rectus femoris (quads)
6) tight gastrocnemius
5) natural tendency to point toes out, aka increase fick angle
4) decreased proprioception and balance
3) you still like pearl jam
2) you still think the leafs will win the cup
1) you don't stretch

It's really a top 7 list, as the last three don't really count, but still... that's 7 significant issues that makes me wonder how I ever managed to run 17km.  Hell, I'm pricing electric wheelchairs.  I'm a 33 year old man trapped in the body of a 67 year old.

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