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One of my favourite memories is of an October 5th Saturday afternoon in 1985.  I've written about this day in great detail.  The Blue Jays clinched their first divisional pennant when my favourite Jay George Bell caught a Ron Hassey fly ball and immediately dropped to his knees in celebration.  I cut out the photo of George Bell celebrating and still have it today.

A comment was just left on that entry from Lisa. Here's what she wrote:

Like you, my brother's all time favourite player is George Bell...for his birthday I'm trying to find the picture of him making the game winning catch in 1985. The closest I've come is your picture of the picture.. do you have any idea where I could find this?  For years my brother had the picture from the newspaper on his wall... Thanks for any help you can offer.

That image of Bell on the ground celebrating and Tony Fernandez running up to him means so much to me, I'm amazed by how hard it is to find online.  I've done several Google searches and I've come up empty.  My Google-fu is rarely so weak, so I'm issuing a challenge.

Find the image below and help Lisa make her brother's day.  You might make mine as well.  Ladies and gentlemen, start your searching!

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