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The Cult of Oprah


It's 9:17pm, do you know where your wife is?  Check the computer.  If your wife is anything like my wife, she's attending the church of Oprah.

That's right, Taryn has registered on for a 10-week Web seminar with Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle, author of A New Earth, a spiritual self-help guide that's the latest pick of Oprah's Book Club. The first webcast began at 9pm.

I've got to give Oprah some credit, she knows how to press the right buttons.  My mom was over on the weekend and she and Taryn had a looooong discussion about this Eckhart Tolle book.  As they discussed A New Earth, it sounded more like a religion than a self-help guide.  I've been living with an Oprah fan for 12 years now, and it's always been rather culty, but this is the tipping point.

I'm sure it's more harmless Oprah bubble gum, I just hope these 700,000 fanatics don't break the Internet.

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