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Maple Leafs 4, Panthers 3


I'm banning "The Leafs don't even know how to lose properly" jokes.  That's it.  They're too easy and they're everywhere, so I'm no longer going there.  Instead, I'm going to talk about Jeremy Williams.

Jeremy Williams has played three NHL games in his career, all with the Leafs and each one separated by months in the AHL.  He debuted on April 18, 2006, played his second game on February 26, 2007 and he played his third game in last night's thrilling comeback victory.  Each game has been about a year apart and each game has featured a goal by this native of Glenavon, Saskatchewan.  Three games, three years, three goals.

Current Record Last GamesSeason Leaders28-28-9
65 points
5th in Northeast4-3 Win vs. Florida
5-0 Win vs. Ottawa
3-1 Loss vs. AtlantaM. Sundin - 66
N. Antropov - 48
T. Kaberle - 41

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