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What Do We Call This Decade?


Yes, 2007 went by awfully quickly, but I'm more concerned with how we're burning through this decade.  How can we be hitting 2008 already?  Didn't we just say goodbye to the 90s?  2008 is awfully late in this decade and I still don't know what we're calling it.

Do we call this decade the zeros?  I don't think so.  Is it the oh-oh's?  Nah...  Do we go old school and call it the aughts?  I doubt that'll catch on.

We should name this sucker while we're still in it.  In 2011 we're going to want to look back at this decade and it'll need a nickname.

It feels like it's just begun but my calendar suggests it's winding down.  Time flies when you're bashing Bush, praising Google and throwing away your incandescent light bulbs.

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