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Toronto Doesn't Like Sean Avery


The New York Daily News has quite the interview with that pest Sean Avery.  Asked after practice yesterday whether he was looking forward to visiting Toronto tonight, Avery, who grew up in neighbouring Pickering, Ontario, replied:

No. I never enjoy going to Toronto, really. So all that'll do is motivate me to play better, probably.
Why? Let's see. ... Because I don't enjoy hockey-obsessed Canadians. The exchange is not very good right now. And it's going to cost me a lot of money in tickets for people I don't even like.
How's that for an answer? Would you like me to go on? Nah, I think that's probably enough.

I was at Avery's last game in Toronto when he jawed at Darcy Tucker during the pre-game skate.  He's a grade-A jerk.  It's probably not worth responding because he gets off on being hated.  Obviously, we "hockey-obsessed Canadians" prop up this league and ensure he makes such a fantastic salary.  As far as him not liking Toronto, I'm okay with a Pickering boy spouting off against Toronto, in fact, when it's Avery doing the yakking, I take it as a compliment.  We don't like him either.

Damn... That asshole threw down the lure and I bit.

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