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Snow Day


Last night I tried to watch Saturday Night Live's Best of Chris Farley on Buffalo's WGRZ-TV but they were stealing a good chunk of my 27 inch screen to tell me about all the church functions that were closed due to the imminent snow storm.  I wondered to myself, wouldn't it be easier to just make one statement, "Everything in Buffalo is Closed on Sunday"?  If you were planning to attend a religious education class this morning, would you really go to WGRZ-TV and watch the scroll until you saw your class was cancelled?  If you didn't see it, would you assume it was still a go?  I found it awfully distracting during the Matt Foley bit.

Here in the T.Dot we're just entering the heavy phase of this storm.  My mom reports that in the next four hours we we'll get another 15cm.

As usual, I had my camera handy and just snapped this shot outside my home.  I'm officially declaring a snow day.

Snow Day
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