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Entering the Next Phase


First there was anger.  I blame Wade Phillips.  The Music City Miracle was only made possible because Rob Johnson started instead of Doug Flutie.  Hurt by the NFL, I found comfort in the organic beauty of the CFL and fully embraced the Argos.

Last season I didn't watch a single NFL game.  I didn't think you could be true to the CFL and be an NFL fan.  The glitz and polish of the NFL turned me off and I thought I was done with the league for good.  The NFL was dead to me.  I call this the blackout period.

Lately, I've found myself following NFL developments online, in the newspaper and on the radio.  My team is still the Toronto Argonauts, but I've found myself checking in on my good ol' NFL team, the Buffalo Bills, checking in on Brett Farve and the two AFC juggernauts who will play each other this afternoon.  I've been warming up the fact that you can be a CFL and an NFL fan.  I don't think you have to choose one or the other.

Right now, while I work, I've got the Bills / Bengals game on the television and I'm peeking at the action.  The kids and I have a date to watch the Raptors in an hour, but after that I'm going to watch the NFL game of the century.  It's impossible not to be intrigued by the fact the reigning Super Bowl champions are 7-0, playing at home and underdogs.  As impossible as that sounds, everything I've read suggests it's true.  The Patriots are the better team.  Yes, for the first time in a long time, I'm going to watch some NFL football.

I think I'm entering the next phase here.  I was hurt and angry, I blocked the offenders out, and now I'm willing to accept things for what they are and make room in my life for a little NFL.  Let the healing begin.

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