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My Offline Challenge: Week 30


As these running weeks go by, I learn more and more about my body.  For example, last night I learnt that my body doesn't want to run immediately after wolfing down a large spaghetti and sausage dinner.  At the 4k mark I had to cut my speed and wait for my stitch to subside.  When I run on an empty stomach I never have such issues, but the plate of pasta was so good and hot and sitting there when I got home at 6, I just had to wolf it down before my 6:30 run.  I'm so weak!

Otherwise, I'm quite pleased with the three runs I put in this past week and I'm looking forward to running 13k on Saturday morning.

Here are the runs I fit in over the past seven days:

  • Saturday - 10k run
  • Sunday - 8k run
  • Wednesday - 8k run
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