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This Storm's Gonna Rage!


In about 24 hours I'll be preparing for the third game in our best of three slo-pitch semi-final series against RobArts Rage.  This is a season I wish could keep going.  I think our 2007 campaign, well documented here, is our most fun season to date.

I've never liked the nickname "Raging Storm".  Earlier this year, we agreed to change it and bring in new uniforms.  We even held a vote with "In The Face" winning out.  As much as I dislike Raging Storm and our boring blue jerseys, it's our name and our brand.  We're Raging Storm, for better or for worse, and I can't see this same group coming back next season with any other moniker.  I'm even looking forward to coming back to this same crappy league in those same ratty uniforms.

If we win tomorrow night, we extend the season one more week, and that's incentive enough to kick some ass.  I'll leave the final word to Mr. T.

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