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The Barracuda at 21 Scollard Street


I heard someone mention The Barracuda on CFNY this morning.  In the mid-90s I used to frequent The Barracuda at 21 Scollard Street near Yonge and Bloor, usually on Thursday nights.  As I recall, Monday nights were Phoenix nights and Thursday nights were Barracuda nights.

The allure was the fact they sold beer for 98¢ before 10pm.  We'd buy a bunch at about 9:45pm and hoard them at our table.  On one such toasty Thursday night in 1995, I met my future wife for the first time.

The best part of this story is the fact I actually ended up with her best friend's phone number.  A few dates and weeks later, I successfully pulled off "The Switch" in glorious and brilliant Seinfeld fashion, and a few months after that I was married.

The Barracuda closed down in 1996, no doubt a result of those 98¢ beer nights, but it will forever be a part of my personal history.  What would my life be like today without the 'Cuda?

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