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My Offline Challenge: Week 28


I learnt a valuable lesson last night.  With my ball game scheduled for 9:30pm, I decided to run hills with the 10k clinic at 6:30pm.  We run the 2k loop in High Park and then the steep Spring Road hill five times before running the 2k loop again and heading for home.  I felt fine afterwards, but during the ball game my calve muscles kept tightening up.  Leading off the game I hit a single up the middle and literally stumbled on my way to first because my calve muscle seized up and hurt like hell the rest of the game.  Hills + baseball = bad idea.

The Terry Fox Run became a walk which meant last week was a lighter load than usual.  Now I'm back on schedule, training for the Zoo 10k race on October 13.

Here are the runs I fit in over the past seven days:

  • Saturday - 10k run
  • Sunday - 4.5k Terry Fox Run
  • Wednesday - 5k run w/ 5 hills
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