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Equal Time: Extreme Elation


This being election season here in Ontario, it's all about equal time.  That's why Zork Hun, Libertarian Party candidate for my riding, got to speak during the opening ceremony of The Terry Fox Run at High Park.  That's why they can't air Arnold Schwarzenegger movies in California while he's running for Governor.  And that's why this entry is all about my Michelle.

She suffers from extreme elation, which is both a good thing and a bad thing.  The other day I told her she could stay up and watch the first period of the Leafs game and she got this huge smile on her face, started jumping up and down and screaming in delight.  She had the same reaction when I told her she could watch the season premiere of The Simpsons.  She also had this reaction when I told her she could have a chocolate chip cookie, so you see, she's extremely excited about just about everything.

I'm sure this will subside, because if you get that happy about a cookie, what the heck do you do when something really cool happens.  What would you do if you clinched the RSPA Int-1 divisional championship with a two-run walk-off single in the bottom of the last inning?

You've got to leave some elation for moments like that.

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