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We did it.  We swept the S&M Flyers tonight to win our division and that means we'll be playing comp next season.  I've played on this slo-pitch team for the better part of a decade and we've never tasted success like this.

Both games were wickedly close.  We eked out a 9-8 win in extra innings in game one and then, in game two, I was at the plate with two on in the bottom of the last inning and down by a run.  All I could think about strolling to the plate was Joe Carter and his walk-off homer to win the series in '93.  I laced the second pitch I saw into centre field, scoring two and giving us a 14-13 win and the championship.

As boring as this is for everyone not on Raging Storm, I've got to get this all down while the euphoria still wafts in the night air.  Everything I've written about this team I've meant.  It was a controversial regular season and our worst record in years, but I've played on no finer a ball team.  We always came back when it mattered.  In game two tonight, we were down by seven and easily could have mailed it in and hoped for better in game three.  Instead, our defense shut the Flyers down and our bats chipped away at the stone.

Finally, I want to thank my teammates.  I had never played the role of Cito before, and I couldn't have asked for a better conclusion to the season.  This was awesome and I'm damn proud.  Kids, you deserve it.

Raging Storm, 2007 Int-1 Divisional Champions:

  • Engell
  • Jordy
  • Alek
  • Kic
  • Marc
  • Patino
  • Andge
  • Richard
  • Matty
  • Kelley
  • Me
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