The Next Revolution in Canadian Comics?

paintingKal from Zeros 2 Heroes Media contacted me and asked me to put out a call to all Canadian novelists, playwrights, screenwriters and journalists. I told him he could write a guest blog and I'd paste it down. He outsourced that strenuous task to Morgan. Here's what Morgan sent me.

Zeros 2 Heroes? Canada: Comic Creation Nation? What are these things I speak of? Well sit down and grab hold of something because you are about to be hit by a giant wave of awesome.

The new initiative from the Vancouver based Zeros 2 Heroes is all about creating a market for creators whose voices have not yet been heard. A creative community built on a foundation of fans of genre entertainment and comic books. A place where pitches for new properties are chosen by fans and then put into production. This is great because as the community grows,so does the fan base of the winning pitches. Essentially right out of the gates these comics will have built in fanbase to support them.

So we're calling on all writers and artists to join us at and become part of the next revolution in Canadian comics. All creators, start refining those ideas you've always had but never felt that the outlet was available for you to tell them. With Canada: Comic Creation Nation we have the chance to become the next Image, to do things in a new and exciting way. We can be the pioneers of the next phase of comics' growth.

You may very well be the next Kirby, Eisner or Lee. This could be your chance to break into the comics scene and make a name for yourself. Let the revolution begin!!


You say you want a revolution, well, you know, we all want to change the world.

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