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My Offline Challenge: Week Eighteen


I totally missed my week seventeen update, so I'm doubling up this week.  I write these things for myself and fully realize there's no value to anyone outside of my dusty cranium.

Here are the runs I managed to squeeze in over the past two weeks.

  • Sunday, July 1 - This morning run was long and awesome.  It might be my favourite run of all time.
  • Monday, July 2 - Finally my ball game was on a Tuesday night which allowed me to attend my 5k clinic.  We ran 10:1s for 26 minutes or so, but I snuck in an extra hill.
  • Tuesday, July 3 - I ran with the good ol' AM2 gang before my ball game.  We did 5k and Raging Storm followed that up with a 32-6 killin'.
  • Wednesday, July 4 - I ran another 26 minutes with the 5k clinic.  It wasn't particularly fulfilling.
  • Tuesday, July 10 - After six days off, I ran 3k with AM2 and then another 3k with just the Hooster.  Hooster's run had lots of hill action, so I actually felt it.
  • Wednesday, July 11 - Tonight I ran 28 minutes of 10:1s with the 5k clinic, but Tall Luke and I threw in an extra km and two extra hills.

That puts us up to date.  I don't have another run scheduled until Sunday morning when I hope to duplicate the feat of two Sundays ago.  The Whitby 5000 is less than three weeks away.

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