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I made it all the way to 7pm without reading a single review of The Simpsons Movie.  I successfully avoided all Simpsons-related news and the entertainment section of the paper.  Then, I decided to get my head out of the sand and see what I'm in store for.

I think it's good.  The two papers on my kitchen table gave it a positive review and The Simpsons Movie Rotten Tomatoes page has it at 88%.  I'm so happy I could cry.

Scott Foundas from LA Weekly wrote a line in his review that could have been shaved off that spot in my cranium where hopes and dreams are preserved.  In his profound words, "...what The Simpsons Movie does -- and does well -- is to revisit the series’ most enduring situations and themes while upping the ante just enough to lend everything a new level of suspense."

Trying is the first step towards failure, but I'm glad the guys behind my favourite show gave it a whirl.  Now I just have to see it.

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