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In his entry We Need More Toronto Blogs, Accordion Guy calls out popular local blogs that focus too heavily on the local Toronto hipster crowd.  Accordion Guy writes that this demo is mostly white, under 30, and only attend events that take place in an area bounded by…

  • Dupont on the north
  • The Distillery District on the east
  • The lake on the south
  • Roncesvalles on the west

In response to this suggestion, I present to Accordion Guy a little blog called Toronto Mike which is a hodge podge of thoughts, rants, observations, bits and bytes from a 416er who...

  • Is over 30
  • Eats meat
  • Plays slo-pitch
  • Openly admits to listening to The Tragically Hip, watching The Simpsons and rooting for the Leafs
  • Has kids
  • Has never kissed a member of the same sex
  • Has never used the phrase “post-modern”
  • Owns a pair of Crocs
  • Doesn't drink
  • Spends time in Etobicoke and (gasp!) Mississauga
  • Has never been mistaken for a hipster, for all the reasons above

Accordion Guy closes his plea with a modest proposal.

We need blogs that cover events in areas outside the hipster core, whether they’re in the near-burbs like Etobicoke, North York and Scarborough, or out in the 905 area code. Blogs for people who work in offices, drop their kids off at hockey practice and have Costco memberships. Blogs for people who don’t look as if they were descended from the Family Compact. Blogs for people who both buy fair trade coffee and Harry Rosen shirts. Blogs for people who work the night shift.

Accordion Guy, I've been all over it for five years and 6307 entries.

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