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What I Was Bitching About Four Years Ago


Throughout the summer, I'm going to step into the Toronto Mike time machine and see what I was bitching or raving about in years past.  The blog started in 2002, so I've got over 6000 entries in the archives waiting to be rediscovered.

Four years ago today, I was upset with Jim Wilson.

Ontario's environment minister Jim Wilson wants us to stop BBQing to reduce smog.  Excuse me?  Stop BBQing?  As if.
We've been through some pretty crappy stuff of late.  9/11, the West Nile Virus, the death of Layne Staley, terrorist threats, a way cold winter, the war in Iraq, SARS, Mad Cow Disease, SARS II...  If I want to BBQ in my backyard every day of the week, I dare you to try and stop me.
There's nothing finer than firing up the Q and chillin' in the backyard.  If you're looking to pin the blame for these smog days on someone, look no further.  I am the rebel with the courage to look Jim Wilson in the eye and say, "how do you like your burgers?"

You'll note we haven't heard any requests to stop BBQing since.

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