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We Need A New Name, You Can Help


Now that I'm managing my slo-pitch team and in full control, it's time to right a wrong.  I wrote about this wrong over a year ago and it continues to haunt me.  Our nickname was Hooray For Everything and before the 2004 season it was changed to Raging Storm, a very unfunny, uncool and non-creative name for our slo-pitch team.  An evil force named Stella spear-headed this decision and somehow got to then captain Andge.  The rest is sad and ugly history.

We'll finish this season as Raging Storm, but I want a new nickname for the 2008 season.  I'm also envisioning slick new black uniforms, but first we need to choose a new name.

Please suggest new nicknames in the comments of this entry.  I'll start with the first few possibilities.

  • Crazy Diamonds
  • Ball and Biscuit
  • Triple Trouble
  • Cubically Contained
  • More Distortion
  • Teenage Angst
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